are different ways to rehabilitate your lawns. When grass seems to be more brown than green, it might not just need water. You might even have drowned it in too much water. Whatever the case is, you can always rehabilitate your lawn. Some forms of grass rehabilitation are better than others but also can cost a lot of money. You can either dry seed the lawn. Seeding is the process wherein you get the seed into the ground. Seeding is effective in most soils but should not be done to high clay soil.

Another type of rev-vegetation is through sodding. By sodding you lay out the grass after cutting. By using this process you can make your lawn look better again. A disadvantage here is that the edge of the sodded areas will create a “lip” if not properly sodded. Proper sodding should be lengthwise rather than up and down.

With hydromulching, you can re-vegetate your lawn by just spraying affected areas. You do not need to cut sods. You do not need to bend your hips in planting. You just have to spray on grass seed anywhere you want. Hydromulch seeding is a vegetation process than can actually make grass grow practically anywhere.

This option is preferred by professionals and homeowners. If you notice the different shades of green properly designed in a golf course, you have noticed the work of hydromulching. Most golf courses have resorted to this type or planting because it is cost efficient. With 18 holes to fill, you certainly need a more affordable and faster way to grow a lawn.

Hydromulching is also preferred by most homeowners because it is easier to maintain. With the scorching heat of the Australian sun during summer, you can’t help but make your lawn look more beautiful by sprinkling it with water 24/7. But this should not be the case. You should also give the soil some time to be dry to help in the growth of the lawn. Hydromulched grass needs lesser maintenance than sodded or dry seeded grass. Hydromulching is definitely a way to regenerate your lawn in Brisbane.