You can always go wrong when it comes to combining colors. There are colors which can never be combined. There are colors which not just look bad together but look awful when combined. Having the perfect color combination to your living room should be your first task before doing any rearranging, remodeling or renovating. Choosing just the right colors will make a room look livelier, bigger, more spacious or more classic.

Here are some perfect color combinations that will never go wrong in any room.

Red on Red – Light brushed red on darker shade of red is perfect for emitting a passionate room. The room speaks of love, passion and emotion. It is perfect for a bedroom.

Blue and Green – This will give the room a more serene and heavenly look. This makes the room look like the ocean as it changes color in different times of the day.

Green and Brown – This is perfect for nature lovers. The brown combined and brushed together with green gives a feel of springtime. This color combination is perfect for any room but is most appreciated in the living room or study.

Blue and Gray – The blue and gray color makes the room look like the coming of dawn. This gives a feel of serenity and a feel of being alive. This combination is great for the morning person. This also makes the room feel bigger.

When you combine colors you can choose to make the dominant color your wall and then the complimenting color your curtain or blinds. You can also choose to combine the color of your furniture with the wall. The carpet and drapes should be complimenting as well.

Not all color combinations are perfect for rooms. Not all suggested color combinations above are suitable for all types of rooms either. Red on red is perfect for bedrooms and library but not great for your living room. The blue and green combination is perfect for bathrooms but not for the kitchen. If you still would doubt your skills in combining colors for your home, you can always consults expert property stylists or home stagers and interior designers to help you choose the perfect color for you.