Sloping areas tend to be browner than lawns on horizontal planes. Why? It is because of the erosion when the rainy season comes. Instead of the grass absorbing water, it goes down to the lowest point where it might create a puddle or a muddy area. This is a common problem of homeowners in Brisbane who live in sloping areas. It is such a great sight though if you have a green sloping lawn instead of just a dirt lawn.

If you are to plant something on a slope, it is best to hire professionals to plant a tree or grass. But if the slope is about 45 degrees, is it still possible to plant anything on it. Well, the answer is hydromulching. You can literally plant spray on grass on any surface. The seed will grow wherever you plant it, even in a 45 degree slope.

Hydromuclhing is the best way to plant in a sloped area. It is not just easy to do but germination is faster than other forms of planting grass. The mulch acts as an adhesive which makes the seed intact in its place. If you think that a sloped area is prone to erosion planting is impossible, you are not entirely correct. Indeed, erosion can happen even with minimal rainfall but planting is not impossible. In a couple of weeks after hydromulching a sloped area, you will definitely see how green it has turned. Germination can grow in less than 5 weeks.

With all the technological advancements in landscaping, this is the best solution to eroding slopes. It is not just faster but also cheaper. Probably about 20 years back, hydromuclhing is an expensive way of planting grass but because of the demand and the new equipments, it has become affordable to the ordinary households. By using this technique, the grass will grow evenly and not in patches. You might be able to success dry seeding a sloped area or sodding it but because of the slope, it will be harder to do. With spray on grass, all you need to do is spray grass on any sloped soil. Planting on this type of terrain is just like watering soil. It is that easy.