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When styling a room, one element is usually forgotten… the window treatment.  Some people buy curtains just because they think something should go up in the windows, but that don’t really matter to them. In contrary, window treatments truly matter and it’s an important decision you should make when designing your home. Surprisingly, choosing the right window curtains is complicated. Selecting the wrong kind and wrong hue of curtain can ruin your desired design.

When selecting window treatments gets a little though for you, here are some pointers that might help you find the right window curtains for your home.

Have Different Curtains in Each Room

A common mistake most people make is looking for a style of curtain and put that same curtain in every room and it matters not if it fits with the décor or not. Unless you are designing for an open floor plan, each room in the house can have different curtains. No one would want a curtain with a child themed in the living room and a luxurious window treatment in the kid’s room. Be reminded of this fact and be sure to change up your curtains in every room.

Understand the Lighting

Windows produce lighting but not in the same amount and drapes can somehow affect in enhancing or dimming light entering a room.  Heavy drapes can block out mass of light and is excellent for bedrooms.  Sheer drapes works well for rooms that do not require much privacy like sun rooms. Sheers offer a light and fresh feel that work amazingly in most spaces. Understanding how much light comes through your window will help you plan accordingly.

Curtains and blinds perth

Curtains and blinds perth

Consider Your Privacy

A popular window treatment most people patronize is the sheer drapes. These work well in different areas but they’re not the kind of drape you would want if you seek privacy since it is a see-through type of drape. Never solely have sheer drapes in bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead, have them pair with drapes that are darker or have a window with covers.

Important Materials

Out of the wide curtain materials to choose from, it is important to select fade resistant materials, especially when a lot of light gets in a room.  Silk may look elegant for a room but it is a better material for pillows or other decors because silk curtains quickly fade leaving you with dull ugly window curtains.