Having a dry lawn in Australia is common in households. But if you have the means to have a green garden, why not make it so. One way of making your lawn green as the forest floor is by hydrolmulching. For those of you who are new to the term, hydromulching is a form of re-vegetation. Because of the harsh conhttp://www.hydrospraygrass.com.au/drought/ditions here in our country, especially during the hot season, your lawn can have brown patches. To combat this form of weathering, hydromulching can be the solution. This allows effective restoration/rehabilitation on affected areas.

By using this type of re-vegetation you will have the following benefits:

  1. Faster Growth – spray on grass seed grows faster. Grass usually will re-grow in just about 3 days. The germination cycle is triggered faster. You will not wait longer weeks or months for that brown patch in your lawn to turn green again.
  2. Greener Greens – The hydro mulch process creates better greens than dry seeding or sod. You can compare how better hydromulched lawns to other types of lawns.
  3. No Weed Seed – By dry seeding or using sod, there is a possibility for weeds to grow. If this happens you will not notice the difference of the weeds from the grass until a couple of months. With hydromulching, there are no weed seeds included on the mulch making replanting more efficient.
  4. Cheaper solution – contrary to what most people think, hydromulching is actually cheaper than dry seeding or sod.


http://www.hydrospraygrass.com.au/hydromulching-in-brisbane/5. Lesser maintenance – this process does not require a lot of care as compared to sod. Sod can definitely create a beautiful lawn but with hydromulching you do less maintenance when your grass grows. Sod even has compatibility issues with the soil it is planted. With hydlomuclhing, you can even plant a lawn on your walls.

To make your lawn look better, younger, greener, you can always do dry seeding or sod but with the technological advancements we have in landscaping design, another great option is hydromulching. Try this process now and make your lawn look the way it is supposed to look like.