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Guide in Choosing the Right Window Curtains


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When styling a room, one element is usually forgotten… the window treatment.  Some people buy curtains just because they think something should go up in the windows, but that don’t really matter to them. In contrary, window treatments truly matter and it’s an important decision you should make when designing your home. Surprisingly, choosing the right window curtains is complicated. Selecting the wrong kind and wrong hue of curtain can ruin your desired design.

When selecting window treatments gets a little though for you, here are some pointers that might help you find the right window curtains for your home.

Have Different Curtains in Each Room

A common mistake most people make is looking for a style of curtain and put that same curtain in every room and it matters not if it fits with the décor or not. Unless you are designing for an open floor plan, each room in the house can have different curtains. No one would want a curtain with a child themed in the living room and a luxurious window treatment in the kid’s room. Be reminded of this fact and be sure to change up your curtains in every room.

Understand the Lighting

Windows produce lighting but not in the same amount and drapes can somehow affect in enhancing or dimming light entering a room.  Heavy drapes can block out mass of light and is excellent for bedrooms.  Sheer drapes works well for rooms that do not require much privacy like sun rooms. Sheers offer a light and fresh feel that work amazingly in most spaces. Understanding how much light comes through your window will help you plan accordingly.

Curtains and blinds perth

Curtains and blinds perth

Consider Your Privacy

A popular window treatment most people patronize is the sheer drapes. These work well in different areas but they’re not the kind of drape you would want if you seek privacy since it is a see-through type of drape. Never solely have sheer drapes in bedrooms and bathrooms. Instead, have them pair with drapes that are darker or have a window with covers.

Important Materials

Out of the wide curtain materials to choose from, it is important to select fade resistant materials, especially when a lot of light gets in a room.  Silk may look elegant for a room but it is a better material for pillows or other decors because silk curtains quickly fade leaving you with dull ugly window curtains.

How to Plant Lawn in Sloping Areas

Sloping areas tend to be browner than lawns on horizontal planes. Why? It is because of the erosion when the rainy season comes. Instead of the grass absorbing water, it goes down to the lowest point where it might create a puddle or a muddy area. This is a common problem of homeowners in Brisbane who live in sloping areas. It is such a great sight though if you have a green sloping lawn instead of just a dirt lawn.

If you are to plant something on a slope, it is best to hire professionals to plant a tree or grass. But if the slope is about 45 degrees, is it still possible to plant anything on it. Well, the answer is hydromulching. You can literally plant spray on grass on any surface. The seed will grow wherever you plant it, even in a 45 degree slope.

Hydromuclhing is the best way to plant in a sloped area. It is not just easy to do but germination is faster than other forms of planting grass. The mulch acts as an adhesive which makes the seed intact in its place. If you think that a sloped area is prone to erosion planting is impossible, you are not entirely correct. Indeed, erosion can happen even with minimal rainfall but planting is not impossible. In a couple of weeks after hydromulching a sloped area, you will definitely see how green it has turned. Germination can grow in less than 5 weeks.

With all the technological advancements in landscaping, this is the best solution to eroding slopes. It is not just faster but also cheaper. Probably about 20 years back, hydromuclhing is an expensive way of planting grass but because of the demand and the new equipments, it has become affordable to the ordinary households. By using this technique, the grass will grow evenly and not in patches. You might be able to success dry seeding a sloped area or sodding it but because of the slope, it will be harder to do. With spray on grass, all you need to do is spray grass on any sloped soil. Planting on this type of terrain is just like watering soil. It is that easy.


Why is Hydromulching the Preferred Option in Re-vegetation? are different ways to rehabilitate your lawns. When grass seems to be more brown than green, it might not just need water. You might even have drowned it in too much water. Whatever the case is, you can always rehabilitate your lawn. Some forms of grass rehabilitation are better than others but also can cost a lot of money. You can either dry seed the lawn. Seeding is the process wherein you get the seed into the ground. Seeding is effective in most soils but should not be done to high clay soil.

Another type of rev-vegetation is through sodding. By sodding you lay out the grass after cutting. By using this process you can make your lawn look better again. A disadvantage here is that the edge of the sodded areas will create a “lip” if not properly sodded. Proper sodding should be lengthwise rather than up and down.

With hydromulching, you can re-vegetate your lawn by just spraying affected areas. You do not need to cut sods. You do not need to bend your hips in planting. You just have to spray on grass seed anywhere you want. Hydromulch seeding is a vegetation process than can actually make grass grow practically anywhere.

This option is preferred by professionals and homeowners. If you notice the different shades of green properly designed in a golf course, you have noticed the work of hydromulching. Most golf courses have resorted to this type or planting because it is cost efficient. With 18 holes to fill, you certainly need a more affordable and faster way to grow a lawn.

Hydromulching is also preferred by most homeowners because it is easier to maintain. With the scorching heat of the Australian sun during summer, you can’t help but make your lawn look more beautiful by sprinkling it with water 24/7. But this should not be the case. You should also give the soil some time to be dry to help in the growth of the lawn. Hydromulched grass needs lesser maintenance than sodded or dry seeded grass. Hydromulching is definitely a way to regenerate your lawn in Brisbane.

Advantages of Hydromulching over Other Types of Seeding

Having a dry lawn in Australia is common in households. But if you have the means to have a green garden, why not make it so. One way of making your lawn green as the forest floor is by hydrolmulching. For those of you who are new to the term, hydromulching is a form of re-vegetation. Because of the harsh con here in our country, especially during the hot season, your lawn can have brown patches. To combat this form of weathering, hydromulching can be the solution. This allows effective restoration/rehabilitation on affected areas.

By using this type of re-vegetation you will have the following benefits:

  1. Faster Growth – spray on grass seed grows faster. Grass usually will re-grow in just about 3 days. The germination cycle is triggered faster. You will not wait longer weeks or months for that brown patch in your lawn to turn green again.
  2. Greener Greens – The hydro mulch process creates better greens than dry seeding or sod. You can compare how better hydromulched lawns to other types of lawns.
  3. No Weed Seed – By dry seeding or using sod, there is a possibility for weeds to grow. If this happens you will not notice the difference of the weeds from the grass until a couple of months. With hydromulching, there are no weed seeds included on the mulch making replanting more efficient.
  4. Cheaper solution – contrary to what most people think, hydromulching is actually cheaper than dry seeding or sod. Lesser maintenance – this process does not require a lot of care as compared to sod. Sod can definitely create a beautiful lawn but with hydromulching you do less maintenance when your grass grows. Sod even has compatibility issues with the soil it is planted. With hydlomuclhing, you can even plant a lawn on your walls.

To make your lawn look better, younger, greener, you can always do dry seeding or sod but with the technological advancements we have in landscaping design, another great option is hydromulching. Try this process now and make your lawn look the way it is supposed to look like.


Perfect Color Combination in Your Blinds and Curtains

You can always go wrong when it comes to combining colors. There are colors which can never be combined. There are colors which not just look bad together but look awful when combined. Having the perfect color combination to your living room should be your first task before doing any rearranging, remodeling or renovating. Choosing just the right colors will make a room look livelier, bigger, more spacious or more classic.

Here are some perfect color combinations that will never go wrong in any room.

Red on Red – Light brushed red on darker shade of red is perfect for emitting a passionate room. The room speaks of love, passion and emotion. It is perfect for a bedroom.

Blue and Green – This will give the room a more serene and heavenly look. This makes the room look like the ocean as it changes color in different times of the day.

Green and Brown – This is perfect for nature lovers. The brown combined and brushed together with green gives a feel of springtime. This color combination is perfect for any room but is most appreciated in the living room or study.

Blue and Gray – The blue and gray color makes the room look like the coming of dawn. This gives a feel of serenity and a feel of being alive. This combination is great for the morning person. This also makes the room feel bigger.

When you combine colors you can choose to make the dominant color your wall and then the complimenting color your curtain or blinds. You can also choose to combine the color of your furniture with the wall. The carpet and drapes should be complimenting as well.

Not all color combinations are perfect for rooms. Not all suggested color combinations above are suitable for all types of rooms either. Red on red is perfect for bedrooms and library but not great for your living room. The blue and green combination is perfect for bathrooms but not for the kitchen. If you still would doubt your skills in combining colors for your home, you can always consults expert property stylists or home stagers and interior designers to help you choose the perfect color for you.


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