Which is better to purchase for your home: Vertical Blinds or Horizontal Blinds? Which is easier to clean? Which will look good in your home or your office? Are blinds still best to add a better home design or should you opt to purchase curtains? Both curtains and blinds have their own advantages and disadvantages. But for the sake of our argument, we will try to consider vertical blinds and horizontal blinds only.

Blinds have different effects as compared to curtains. Horizontal blinds also have different effects as compared to vertical blinds. So, if you have chosen to decorate your home or your office with blinds, you just don’t go choosing vertical blinds over horizontal blinds without consider some factors. Here are some factors which you need to consider before purchasing a type of blind shutters.

First off both types of blinds will generally work well inside the home but when it comes down to specifically designing your home they have different advantages:

vertical blinds

Advantages of Vertical Blinds:

  1. You can easily replace vertical blinds. If you want to clean them you can just pop the blinds out and wash them outdoors. If one blind gets destroyed you can also easily replace them.
  2. The coverage of vertical blinds is best for an entire glass wall. You can use them for very large sliding doors. Blind slats can be as wide as 5 to 6 inches wide and can be pushed aside like a curtain if you need to open the door or just let the sun in the house.

Advantages of Horizontal Blinds:

Horizontal Blinds

  1. Horizontal blinds are quieter when you want to open and close them. They do not rattle when the wind blows.
  2. You will certainly experience complete privacy once the blinds are shut. These types of blinds are one piece and there are no cracks for people for outside to peak in. As compared to horizontal blinds when the wind blows the blinds have a tendency to open up a bit.

Depending on the wall, door or window you need to cover, vertical blinds and horizontal blinds have different advantages. Choose that which will suit your needs.