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Budgeted Home Improvement Ideas

Improving a home can dig a deep hole in your pocket. If you think spending thousands of dollars is the only way to make your home more beautiful, you are wrong. There are more ways than one to make your home improve its current stature and not dig too deep in your wallets. There are affordable ways to make your home more beautiful. You just have to know where to start and how to properly do that home makeover.

  1. Mini Makeovers

There can be mini makeovers in every room that you can take advantage of. Mini makeovers don’t mean you have to spend much money on buying appliance and furniture. You can maximize the appliances and even recycle old ones. Bathrooms need professional cleaning. It is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house whether you like it or not. You can hire a professional cleaner and plumber to fix leaking pipes.

  1. Kitchen Upgrade

The kitchen is one of the most appealing rooms and most busy rooms in the house. This should be a priority in your home improvement list. You can prioritize the refrigerator and the stove. Throw out that old stove and ref and upgrade your kitchen with aluminum kitchen essentials. You can add cabinets. Upgrade your kitchen storage. Keep the necessary pots, pans, dishes and spices at arm’s reach to make your cooking easier.

  1. Upgrade Blinds

Blinds and curtains  control the natural lighting of the house. Lighting takes a great part in making the house look beautiful. But aside from blinds being able to control light, it also is a decorative part of the house itself. Upgrade your curtains and blinds so that you just don’t prevent and control the sun entering your house but also redecorate the room for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Garden Improvement

The garden should look great as well. Cut the shrubs, rearrange the plants, and create a central focal point for your garden. When it comes to garden improvement, you do not need to purchase expensive plants or birdbaths and install fountains. What you can do is just landscape it with a simple theme.

Bonus: It is always good to recycle and reuse old appliances, furniture or fixtures in the house and redefine it as something else. Example:  An old cabinet drawer can be used as a book shelf by a creative designer. You can always do things on your own to minimize the cost of your home improvement as well.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Style Your Property For Sale

If you are thinking about selling your property, it is not just advisable to research and ask agents about the market value of your property. You should also consider styling your home by hiring a home stager. There are a lot of things professional home stagers can help you with when it comes to selling your property but here are the top 3 reasons why you should consult and hire a pro to help you style your house for sale:

  1. Quick decision window for a potential buyer – When the potential buyer steps out of his or her car and enters your front door, it takes less than a minute for him or her to decide whether your property is worth investing on. You have to catch their interest as soon as possible. This window of opportunity only comes once and only comes quick, so you have to grab the opportunity and make the best out of it. You only have one chance. Make that first impression by styling your home and you will definitely get that sale.
  2. Attract premium bidders and not bargain bidders – A highly stylized home would attract premium bidders rather than bargain buyers. Investing in styling your home adds even value to your property therefore you can attract people who have more money to invest. If the buyer shows interest, then you need not negotiate much on the price. Well in fact, they might even bid a higher price than what you are expecting.
  3. Sell your property faster – You can sell your property a lot faster than showing it to prospective buyers without styling it first. People feel more comfortable walking in a home that is stylized so that they can look at it from a perspective that they can arrange the home the way they want. Professional home stagers know how to maximize your space and what you need to accentuate or remove and hide in the attic.

If these reasons are reasonable enough for you, then you should definitely hire a property stylist to stage your home and benefit from this quick return investment.

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